Human Sciences Team
Virtual reality systems and infrastructures are both science and art. Our Human Sciences team is composed of a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experience of talented Raydon contributors all with a common trait. Curiosity. Our team has been curious on the behalf of customers for 30 years. Our curiosity has pulled us into measuring the effectiveness of pure cognitive and psycho-motor repetitions and how they relate to qualification outcomes.

Core Technology Team
Our VR Training Technology Experts have tried and seen everything at least once. They know the seemingly logical paths that wind up being dead ends. More importantly, they know the technology paths that work reliably now while maintaining flexibility to adapt. They help you and your team understand the tech at a basic level, so your training infrastructure can be built on a foundation of effective technology that will support and complement the next generation of engines and tools to deliver always-improving results.

Infrastructure Products Team
This is where the customer’s rubber meets the road. Our team of experts has been configuring wide-scale data-driven training infrastructures — multi-functional, interoperable — enriched with data collection and analysis capabilities that improve outcomes and substantiate effectiveness. They help you tune your capabilities, features, and benefits to your needs and budget constraints.

Military Arts Team
We have assembled some of the greatest minds in land force training on the planet. At the core, our military arts team is comprised of long-time Raydon employees who speak science, tech, product, and logistics fluently. We surround them with a cohort of retired officers and senior NCOs who have deep combat and military training experience. This potent combination is focused like laser-guided munition on you and your precise readiness goals. The perspectives of warfighters, trainers and officers converge to form an excellent resource to interrogate your leaders and subject matter experts and deliver the best training solution you can afford.

Business Logistics Team
Efficiency is fundamentally a function of logistics. Our Business Logistics team helps you understand the ebbs and flows that underlie a training infrastructure. Logistics applies the science of effective training and the constraints of time and budget limits with an analysis of force structure and geographic dispersion. We match system fidelity to the skills to be trained. We consider system portability to increase repetitions when training basic skills. We measure time to proficiency, throughput and cost per training hour for combined-arms training. Our logisticians make the complex, simple. Your team will learn the advantages and disadvantages of various distribution and tiered strategies. You will learn how to balance cost and available time to maximize training infrastructure capabilities.

No strategy is valid unless it complies with established goals, regulations and constraints. The best long-term government/industry partnerships not only comply with the realities on the ground; they establish best practices — purposed toward the immediate requirements and drawing attention due to their comprehensive, creative approach.

You can depend on Raydon’s expertise to help you succeed.