From the beginning, it has been the owners’ vision that drove Raydon’s disruptive approach to the business and its products. Their inspiration, founded on a strong patriotic spirit, was driven into high gear during the Global War on Terror, when innovative products, processes and businesses models were needed to deliver life-saving training quickly and efficiently. Now, looking to commercial markets like the gaming industry for a fresh infusion of innovative energy, Raydon is again disrupting business processes, this time by collaborating with best-in-class industry partners to design modular training solutions on standardized platforms that not only improve visual fidelity, but facilitate data transfer and analysis, simplify the user experience, and allow for the easy replacement of critical components as technology continues to advance.

Raydon is employing out-of-the-box thinking to develop virtual immersive environments, the same way that game development studios do. Certainly, military training is no “game”. It is Raydon’s expertise in training content, developed over many years of studying human performance improvement, that forms a permanent link to the founders’ original inspiration. You can call Raydon’s new wave of innovation “Gaining Technology” — the best training, using the most innovative technology, for a high value, at an affordable price.