The next evolution of training is here — Information Dominance.

To overmatch our adversaries in gathering and using information, Raydon is forging a path forward with a new vision to deploy the full extent of information age capabilities at the earliest stages of training.

For 30 years, Raydon has pioneered frameworks based upon two factors: hours to proficiency (effectiveness) and cost per training hour (efficiency). Determining the cost to force proficiency, isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are many variables, including: the human science of learning, the type of training system or experience, and the utilization of those systems. To make informed decisions, you not only need data, you need the right data.

That’s where Raydon’s 5th Generation Platform comes in — combining energy and measurement to improve human performance.

5th Generation Platform Features

Big Data – to drive decisions

We can effectively measure cognitive battle skills like:
• Time to detect a target
• Time to assess a threat such as civilian vs. combatant
• Reaction time to engage
• And more.

To dominate, we need to be able to compare the soldier against the platoon average, or compare the crew’s performance vs. the company’s average — or even a national average. We need to start identifying techniques to drive these averages up. This is only achievable by smart training data collection and analysis. By analyzing this data, you can modify and craft specific training solutions based on best practices to achieve desired outcomes.

We cannot afford to spend hours training a crew on tasks, they have already mastered, while not drilling them on skills that aren’t developed yet. Training strategies based on data analytics will lock in retention, focus every hour of training on growth, and help develop lethal skills, well beyond proficiency.

Force-on-Force VR Training

Who really wants to play a computer?

Asymmetrical threats are best represented by a realistic opposing force, one that can respond in unexpected ways. Raydon’s force-on-force gaming experience is the first step in developing the next wave of innovative training content. Looking ahead just a few years, this data can be used to aggregate a library of strategic and tactical responses that will eventually feed into the automated OPFORs of the next generation of VR training systems.

Cyber Secure Cloud Solutions

Your data — where and when you want it.

An encrypted FedRAMP-compliant cloud is the starting point for any data analytics solution. The Cloud is a tool Raydon is employing to increase effectiveness and reduce cost. Raydon’s training content is bursting with valuable information. We use the Cloud to collect, curate and share anonymized data with authorized customer personnel — all in real time.

Open source

Competitive collaboration!

“Proprietary” is an Industrial Age word. In those olden days, the guiding principle was “if you win, I lose.” Today, as the Information Age shines, its light on VR Training and the status quo stays stuck in the past. Raydon is ready with a new guiding principle: “when we collaborate, everyone wins.”

Open source standards are the essence of collaboration

In the Information Age, we compete on value, not price. We win with effective innovation, not change orders. In the coming years, when VR training applications become available as cross-platform executables and can be purchased and installed through the cloud, the biggest winners will be war-fighters and taxpayers. Raydon is ready.

Rapid Content Generation

Missions change — training must adapt.

The software revolution emanating from the gaming industry is making terrains and environments increasingly realistic and much easier to modify. Raydon has been busy incorporating this new technology into our content development pipeline, with one critical addition: our next generation of training content is engine agnostic. That means our incredibly effective training content will be able to run on our powerful new SimCoreGT v4.0 platform, as well as other popular simulation and game platforms — with only minimal integration effort. This allows for true collaboration, where the best software, hardware and training content can be delivered to the warfighter for each solution.

Interchangeable design functionality

Future-proof your investment.

We believe interchangeable design functionality is a critical component of future VR training solutions. That’s why we have made a long-term investment to ensure each component of our 5th Generation Training Infrastructure can be removed and replaced without needing to recalibrate the training exercises. This allows our architecture to quickly and easily adapt with the latest and greatest that industry has to offer. That’s innovation that makes a difference!

Raydon Training Cloud

Download content on demand.

Missions and weapons change. Supplement your training on demand by downloading terrains, weapons, and other Raydon Training Components directly from the secure Raydon Training Cloud. Applications and training add-ons will soon be available.

Enhanced Leader Interface

More time to train.

So much goes into force readiness, a warfighter’s time is worth more than money. We’ve completely revised our user interface to simplify setup and improve the flow between exercises. More warfighter training; less operator training.

Intuitive data representation

Too many words. Too many spreadsheets. We combine a clear, colorful graphic interface with our powerful analytics to display the right data, grouped as if you did it yourself. Performance thresholds and what-if analyses are transformed — simple to understand and effective to communicate.

Put Raydon’s 5th Generation Platform to work for you.

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