For 30 years, Raydon has been driving innovation in the virtual training environment that adds value and reduces risk. Our drive for innovation continues to propel our product lines with strong R&D investments to fuel training innovation and claim multiple defense market firsts:

  • 2003 – First to market Convoy Operations Training System
  • 2006 – First to market Individual Mounted Machine Gun Training System
  • 2009 – First to market Route Clearance Training System
  • 2015 – First to market Stryker Crew/Platoon Training System

The next evolution of training is here — Information Dominance.

To overmatch our adversaries in gathering and using information, Raydon is forging a path forward with a new vision to deploy the full extent of information age capabilities at the earliest stages of training.

For 30 years, Raydon has pioneered frameworks based upon two factors: hours to proficiency (effectiveness) and cost per training hour (efficiency). Determining the cost to force proficiency, isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are many variables, including: the human science of learning, the type of training system or experience, and the utilization of those systems. To make informed decisions, you not only need data, you need the right data.

That’s where Raydon’s 5th Generation Platform comes in — combining energy and measurement to improve human performance.

5th Generation Platform Features
  • Big data analysis – make better training decisions based on feedback
  • Force-on-force VR training – beyond simulation, virtual training for the unexpected
  • Cyber secure cloud solutions – access your data when you need it
  • Open source – expedite innovation – faster solutions to your changing needs
  • Enhanced leader interface – spend more time training and less time configuring software