We Drive Training Innovation

Raydon provides world class virtual reality based training solutions that are built towards common goals of driving up proficiency and driving down costs for the customers that we serve. Our solutions drive user operational proficiency in situations where lives are on the line. Our training product save soldiers’ lives.

We take a commercially minded approach to develop commercial off the shelf training solutions that are available NOW, through our rental program or purchase. We don’t wait years for the standard material development process to create opportunity. We are in the business of saving lives by training now. We propel our product lines with strong R&D investments to fuel training innovation and claim multiple defense market firsts:

  • 2003 – First to market Convoy Operations Training System
  • 2006 – First to market Individual Mounted Machine Gun Training System
  • 2009 – First to market Route Clearance Training System
  • 2015 – First to market Stryker Crew/Platoon Training System

An Infrastructure Based Approach

Our difference is rooted in our process of product development and how we work with our customers. We don’t build singularly minded training products, but rather infrastructure solutions that are highly scalable and adaptable as needs change. By aiming to fully understand our customer’s long term goals, we are able to deliver training that solves near term needs while growing to meet the long term objectives.

Our tiered infrastructure model drives training proficiency and saves money, period. It allows you to choose devices based on your need and constraints, not be forced to work around limitations of the simulation equipment.

Elite Training Centers


High Wattage & High Fidelity

Support a high-end computational, visual and physical training center with high utilization and a high-power kilowatt profile. For example, these centers could include 6 DOF motion platforms, reconfigurable vehicle cabs, complex psychomotor skill development platforms with cognitively complex content sets. Commanders would have the means to prepare units for any collective mission up to company level and do so in a high-fidelity training environment.

Trailerized Training Solutions


High Throughput Surge Assets

Support surge needs and increase throughput while minimizing training event time. This should be a rental model, with a mobile fleet loaded with a diverse set of training platforms. The fleet would need to have tailored fidelity levels and would need to be loaded with mission and training content that is relevant, modern and continually updated. It is the “workhorse” of the infrastructure.

Organic Training Assets


Modular & Mobile

Bring skill development to the soldier. These highly mobile, low-cost and self-contained training systems were designed to build and retain combat skills over longer periods of time. They allow warfighters to practice their mission at Homestation using any time available with little to no set-up time. They are relatively simple and self-paced, extremely mobile (suitcase sized) and have the same content as the higher fidelity training systems. Organic assets like these operate at the lowest cost per training hour and are the most affordable of all of our training assets.

We Stand By Our Products

Raydon does not stop at building the most innovative and effective training products in the world; we follow up each delivery with world class support. Our reputation is built on the core belief that product and customer support is paramount, allowing the customer to maximize their return on training investment. Raydon has delivered products and supported soldier training all over the world. Raydon Supports training systems located in all 48 contiguous states as well as the remote states and territories of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam. Raydon has also delivered training systems to US Army operating bases in Germany, Italy, and Kuwait. Raydon supports all locations around the world with an aggressive logistics support operating with the goal of 100% training availability, which is significantly higher than the industry standard for virtual based training systems.