Project Description

Army – Stryker Gunnery

Challenges Facing the Army

Ramping up for gunnery qualifications, the Army had no effective virtual training systems to train vehicle crew gunnery for Stryker ICV crews. Many Stryker units experienced less than satisfactory results in live fire crew qualification. This caused commanders to spend precious time and resources to re-fire crews that were not successful during their first qualification attempts.

How We Helped

To solve this market problem, Raydon developed and delivered a virtual Stryker ICV training system that trains the vehicle crew in gunnery using the current doctrine. This training system is used as a virtual predecessor to live fire operations and qualification.

In an independent evaluation, two Battalions went to gunnery. One did not use the Raydon Stryker Crew Gunnery trainer. They had 38% of their crews qualify on their first run (Q1) on the live fire crew qualification course fired at Yakima training center. Another Battalion used Raydon’s training system for less than four hours per crew as a virtual predecessor to live fire gunnery qualification. For the group using Raydon’s Crew Gunnery trainer, the results were an incredible 100% Q1 rating. This saved the Army time and ammunition that would have been required to re-fire the crews that would not have qualified if they had not been properly prepared prior to live fire qualification. In addition to saved time and ammunition, this Battalion had an increased level of combat readiness.

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