Project Description

Army National Guard – Mounted Machine Gun Training

Challenges Facing the ARNG

The Army National Guard is required to train and qualify gunners manning mounted machine guns (MMG) in vehicle unstablized crew gunnery. There has been a lack of expertise in how to train this task and a lack of appropriate ranges and ammunition to prepare with an assortment of weapons, using current doctrine for Combat Arms and Service and Support units prior to live fire qualification. The ARNG already has a limited time budget for training and preparing, so being forced to re-fire crews is a significant impact.

How We Helped

Working with the ARNG, the Raydon team developed an infrastructure of unstabilized training devices for training the operation of MMG weapons. This training infrastructure was tailored to meet the unique demands of the ARNG and consisted of trailerized and organic assets. The trailerized assets allowed the ARNG to collocate assets to meet surges in training demand. The organic assets allowed home station training to occur when and where it was most appropriate for ARNG soldiers. This infrastructure has been highly successful and is currently in the middle of the 5th generation of product line upgrades.

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