Project Description

Army National Guard – Abrams Gunnery

Challenges Facing the ARNG

The Army National Guard has logistic challenges related to fielding training systems to armories scattered all over fifty states and territories. Due to force structure, distribution, and funding issues, the Guard required effective and efficient training systems that enable them to meet Army standards for the Abrams M1A1 SA. They needed an Abrams training asset that was highly effective, required a minimal footprint, and was mobile.

How We Helped

Raydon developed and fielded the Conduct of Fire Trainer, Mobile, Situational Awareness (COFT M-SA) designed specifically for the M1A1 SA Abrams. The COFT M-SA was developed and delivered in accordance to the current standard of the time for Crew Gunnery, HBCT. The COFT M-SA was and continues to be a highly effective Abrams trainer for the Army National Guard. The device aided an ARNG tank crew in winning the 2016 Sullivan Cup.

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