Project Description

Army – Mounted Machine Gun Training

Challenges Facing the Army

The Army is required to train and qualify gunners manning mounted machine guns (MMG) in vehicle unstablized crew gunnery. There has been a lack of expertise in how to train this and a lack of appropriate ranges and ammunition to properly prepare prior to live fire qualification. Historically, this leads to extremely low 1st run qualification for crews, requiring commanders to re-fire those crews multiple times.

How We Helped

In order to train prior to evaluation, the Raydon team developed the Unstablized Gunnery Trainer, Individual (UGT-I) to address the gap in training MMG. Our training supported an assortment of weapons, using current doctrine for Combat Arms and Service and Support units. The trainer has proven to be effective in the fielding and results which produced qualified crews and readiness related to critical combat skills. In independent studies, 1st run qualifications have been proven to improve 1st run qualification significantly by the use of the UGT-i and other Raydon mounted machine gun training devices.

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