Project Description

Army – Route Clearance

Challenges Facing the Army

At the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army was experiencing severe casualties from IEDs. In addition, the Route Clearance equipment being produced was being sent to theater where it was needed, which meant these systems were not available to soldiers for training prior to deployment. This resulted in soldiers coming to a hostile environment and having to use equipment they were unfamiliar with to conduct complex and dangerous operations that could not be delayed.

How We Helped

Raydon developed a Virtual Route Clearance Trainer (VRCT) and delivered it to soldiers for training prior to deploying overseas. This training system enabled soldiers to master individual and collective skills on new and very specific equipment they would not see or operate until they arrive in-country for combat operations. The training system also enabled the crews to conduct virtual multi-vehicle route clearance operations in a safe synthetic environment that replicated where they would operate overseas. This was a tremendous success and enabled soldiers to deploy overseas prepared to conduct a stressful and perhaps the most hazardous job on earth.

This training was acquired by the Army through the rental of Raydon training, which allowed them to get the needed training in a fraction of the time and money compared to the standard acquisition process.