What makes our training solutions different.

Raydon pioneered the concept of Virtual Training Infrastructure in 1995 to maximize the value of every soldier training hour delivered by our virtual trainers. Built into each training solution are thousands of hours of study and analysis, and nearly 30 years of experience.


Common Software

Using a common software base simplifies integration and allows for seamless interoperability of critical training components. The scientific, crawl-walk-run approach to building proficiencies accelerates skill development. Adding a common software base builds familiarity and standardizes collection of valuable performance data from individual, to crew, to collective training.

Nested Content

Years ago we needed separate machines to print, copy, scan and email — now it is done on one device. Our systems are designed with the ability to train multiple capabilities on the same hardware — this saves purchase and sustainment costs, improves utilization, and makes a lot of sense.

Scaled Training Infrastructure

Soldiers have limited time to train and leaders have limited resources to train them. To get the most training for the least cost, train the most basic skills on the lowest-cost systems. Low fidelity = less realistic = lower cost. It is like gym equipment. Basic skills and muscle memory. We make it fun and relevant. Then we build on this foundation. As complexity increases, so does cost and fidelity. Apply basic skills to crew training. Apply crew training to combined arms.

Future-Proof Software

Interchangeable design functionality is a critical component of VR training solutions. That’s why we have made a long-term investment to ensure each component of our 5th Generation Training Infrastructure can be removed and replaced without needing to recalibrate the training exercises. This allows our architecture to quickly and easily adapt with the latest and greatest that industry has to offer.

Rental Fleet

Our rental program lets you feed awesome and instrumented cognitive and psychomotor capabilities to your personnel. There is no better way to get incredibly good then through repetition on training solutions designed to develop a specific skill. Raydon’s rentals deliver affordable training, when and where you need it.