Modular, rugged, versatile, this tabletop unit trains and sustains gunnery proficiency for M2A2 Bradley ODS vehicle crews. Train commanders and gunners. Instructor/Operator station creates and stores recordings for AAR purposes.

RGT-I Stryker or Crows

Individual trainer for RWS Gunner is a modular, transportable system that trains GTLF IAW .31 standards. Comes in a shipping-safe container. Easy to pack. Easy to set up.


The system has a gunner position that can be configured for either a UH-60 Blackhawk or CH-47 Chinook airframe. Pilot station is self-contained. Train helicopter crews on gunnery and maneuver, escort, search and rescue, quick reaction force.

RGT-C Stryker or Crows

Stryker or Crows Stryker Crew Trainer simulates Combat Tank Driver, Commander and Gunner stations to perform the Table II requirements for GTLF IAW TC 3-20.31. Delivered in a mobile training classroom with built- in interoperability to train from individual through combined arms.