At Raydon, we seek Suppliers who demonstrate exemplary integrity and possess core competencies that result in strategic differentiation and competitive pricing. Just as critical is a commitment to a formal continuous improvement process. We are interested in seeing your past performance related to:  

  • past performance ratings, quality procedures and processes;
  • cost and cycle time reduction programs;
  • lean manufacturing environments;
  • engineering relationships that proactively support design for manufacturability (DFM);
  • technological or service advantages,
  • internal and external audit processes and certifications,
  • safety history, and
  • innovations for delivery of goods or services.

Below is a representative listing of commodities and services typically purchased by Raydon:

  • Electrical Cable Assemblies and Harnesses
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly/Box Builds
  • Metal Fabrication: Sheet metal and Machined Part
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Distributed Hardware and Electronic Components
  • Custom Electronic Assemblies and Components
  • Simulated Weapons
  • Optical Devices and Assemblies
  • Audio Systems
  • Vehicle Hardware and Accessories
  • Software development Services
  • MRO Material and Services

If you feel your company meets Raydon’s requirements, please contact your Raydon Procurement Representative or e-mail with your qualifications and contact information.