Supplier shall comply with Raydon’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for all shipments. The Procurement Representative (Buyer) is the ONLY official at Raydon who has the authority to approve any changes to an order related to terms, scope, schedule, price and delivery.

These routing instructions are updated periodically. It is the supplier’s responsibility to check this website for updates prior to shipment.

  • On-Time: Ship materials to arrive no sooner than 10 days earlier than the purchase order due date and no later than that date. Shipments received more than 10 days in advance of the PO due date may be refused or returned at supplier’s expense. There is zero tolerance for late shipments. A shipment is considered late if it is delivered after the PO due date. Early and late shipments are included in the Raydon supplier rating system and will affect future solicited bids and order awards. So please, in your own interest, ship in accordance with the Purchase Order schedule. If a Buyer asks you to ship early, insist on a Purchase Order schedule change before making the shipment.
  • Hours of Operation: Deliveries accepted without appointment between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Raydon is closed every other Friday. Raydon is closed on most government-observed holidays.
  • Documentation: Ensure the Raydon PO number is listed clearly on all packing slips. For parcel shipments, embed the PO number in the address field.
  • Routing: Unless stated differently on the purchase order, Raydon will pay inbound freight cost. Please route shipments as follows:

Normal Freight USA

Note: For third party shipments (not directly to Raydon) contact your Buyer for Account information.

  • Expedite Freight: You must contact your Raydon Procurement Representative for expedited instructions and approval (386-267-2936).
  • International Freight: International suppliers must contact the Raydon Export Department (386-267-2936) for routing instructions and Regulatory Compliance for correct documentation requirements. For Customs Brokerage: Raydon’s customs broker is FedEx Trade Networks. However, please contact the Raydon Exports Department for details.
  • Cargo Insurance: Do not declare the value or insure Raydon’s freight in excess of the carrier’s stated standard liability without written authorization. If value is declared without prior Raydon authorization, the supplier may be debited for the excess valuation charges, plus an administrative fee.
  • Wrong Address: The total transportation cost of all shipments sent to an incorrect destination, as well as the cost of reconsignment, will be charged back to the supplier.
  • Packing Slip Issues: Raydon expects your packing slips to be clear, complete and attached to each shipment. We may withhold payment of an invoice if the packing slip is not supplied or incorrect.
  • Unapproved Carriers: Failure to adhere to the approved carrier list without written authorization from the Raydon Buyer may result in the shipper’s account being debited for the full cost of the shipment, without prior notification.
  • Bill of Lading: All LTL orders shipped on one day must be combined on a single bill of lading. Use commodity descriptions consistent with the provisions of the National Motor Freight Classification.
  • Wood Packaging Requirements – The supplier is responsible for compliance with the international phytosanitary standard (ISPM 15) regulated by the Animal and Plant Health and Inspections Services (APHIS) regarding Wood Packaging Materials (WPM). Treatment and marking of WPM will apply to pallets, skids, crates, dunnage, etc., used for imports to any Raydon facility in the U.S. and/or any other participating countries.


If you have any questions regarding a specific order or routing instructions, contact the Raydon Procurement Representative assigned to your order @ (386) 267-2936.