Raydon Corporation and its suppliers are obligated to comply with the requirements of the United States Export Control and Customs at all times. Raydon and its suppliers need to ensure their correct and cost-effective implementation of these requirements. Raydon expects its suppliers to provide export control and foreign trade data in a professional and timely manner and to implement appropriate standards for security in the supply chain in the framework of global customs security programs. In addition to these basic requirements, further requirements are to be taken into account, e.g., due to national or product-specific requirements, which must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Raydon is involved in marketing campaigns in many nations. In order to successfully compete in these markets, Raydon will likely accept International Offset (“offset”) obligations resulting from the sale of our products to these nations. These international sales of Raydon products benefit our suppliers as well as Raydon. Accordingly, Raydon will require your assistance to satisfy any resultant offset obligations incurred as a result of sales to any country for which you are providing products or services. We expect a firm commitment from our suppliers to support Raydon’s offset obligations. In this commitment, Offeror should anticipate an offset percentage of 100 percent of its proposed contract value to be applied to the International Offset obligation of Raydon’s choice.