Raydon Corporation is committed to conducting business with high ethical standards. Each day our employees make decisions that are critical to our success. It is vitally important to foster an environment in which we do the right thing and build trusted relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and our community.

Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct provides a framework for how we conduct ourselves as a company. It sets forth expectations for conducting business with integrity, honesty and respect.

Partners in Setting the Standard of Ethics

Raydon Corporation employees participate in ethics awareness programs to thoroughly familiarize them with our Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct and set the standard for ethical business conduct when dealing with each other, our customers, and our Suppliers. We expect our partners in business to abide by these same ethical standards and practices.

Please take a moment to carefully read the Raydon Corporation Principles of Business Ethics and Conduct to fully understand the high standards and principles that Raydon Corporation is committed to upholding, and which we expect all Suppliers and their employees to uphold when conducting business with Raydon. Additionally, as may be required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.203-13 “Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct”, and 52.203-14 “Display of Hotline Poster(s)”, we strongly encourage all companies performing work for Raydon to establish a meaningful ethics program within their organization.

Our Principles

At Raydon, we rely on our values, principles and guidelines such as the Raydon Corporation Principles of Business Ethics and Conduct and our Corporate Standards, to provide the framework for our decisions and actions. Our Corporate Standards are embedded in our business values and principles and have established an ethical business culture that is accepted by our employees and are woven into the fabric in which we work.  The Standards are an integral force across our company and reflect the values of our employees in the context of what makes our organization successful.  Raydon is an exceptional company, committed to working with our customers, and our supply chain utilizing the principles of Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Quality, Innovation, and Citizenship.

  • Integrity— We are honest and forthright in our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, teammates, competitors, shareholders, and the community. We conduct our business with respect for laws and regulations, and we promote individual responsibility to ensure that all actions are based on the highest ethical standards.
  • Respect— We treat others as we would want to be treated—attentive to personal dignity and receptive to diversity of ideas. We recognize the value that comes from respecting individuality, personal experience, and varied heritages.
  • Teamwork— We value teams because they promote trust, openness, challenge, opportunity and growth. We join with each other, our customers and our suppliers to provide high-value solutions to complex problems, requirements and demands.
  • Quality— We believe that quality and continuous process improvement are fundamental to the way we develop, manufacture,   and support our products and services. We are customer-driven—striving to meet and exceed expectations in all that we do.
  • Innovation— We build on our heritage of technological excellence through creative thinking, novel ideas, and practical solutions. Customer success is enhanced through our technology leadership and program execution. We encourage, recognize, and reward our employees for being creative, resourceful, and productive.
  • Citizenship— We give back to the communities where we live and work. We serve as stewards of the environment— and strive to leave our communities better for having been a good corporate citizen.

These principles support and guide our leadership.  Our employees, representatives, and Suppliers are expected to conduct their business in accordance with these principles.

Additional Ethics Resources

For assistance with developing an effective ethics program, please visit the following websites: and

Any questions related to the Code of Business Ethics and Conducts should be directed to the Human Resources Department of Raydon @ (386) 267-2936.