At Raydon Corporation, we believe in mutually beneficial Supplier partnerships, with the ultimate goal of providing a superior quality product to our customers, on-time and at a fair and reasonable price. Virtual reality technology is an exciting growth area, experiencing revolutionary technological improvements and startling cost reductions for our customers. We expect the virtual reality industry to grow significantly in the coming years. Raydon’s technical solution and reduced cost training approach is ahead of its competitors, and we have assembled the best core expertise and facilities to capture global market share. We depend on our Suppliers to compliment our offering of products and solutions to customers that optimizes design, manufacturing, delivery, and price with the highest quality in a production manufacturing environment.

To become part of the Raydon family, each Supplier is subject to a rigorous qualification process. This ensures a Supplier meets our standards of excellence.  Prior to conducting any business or discussions with a Supplier, a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR) form must be executed.  (Click on link Contact and request these forms)

If your company meets our standards of excellence, your company may be afforded the opportunity to work with our engineering and procurement staff in the early stages of design of new products, and would be encouraged to offer assistance in design for manufacturability (DFM) and innovative solutions. Rather than deal with pricing in the production environment, we prefer to work with Suppliers in the infancy stages of development to reduce cost, such that both companies benefit in the relationship. At Raydon, we practice professionalism, commitment, job ownership, teamwork, and ethical behavior, and we demand the same from our Suppliers.

Please review the selections in the menu, which provide valuable information on our processes and procedures for both prospective and current Suppliers.

Overview and Expectations

We understand the strategic importance of our Supply base, and that our success depends on performance and relationship.  Our focus is on complete customer satisfaction during the entire acquisition life-cyle, solicitaiton to final delivery and closeout of the order. Therefore, the extent to which our Suppliers comply with our committment to excellence is critical. Our objective is to develop long-term, strategic relationships with our suppliers based on trust, integrity, respect, communication and proven performance.


All communication must be conducted through the appropriate Raydon Procurement Representative. The Procurement Representative is responsible for overseeing the acquistion of supplies and services from the solicitation phase to closeout of the order. Raydon is committed to timely responsiveness, and we expect the same in return. When problems or delays affect a contractual delivery date, Suppliers are expected to contact the Procurement Representative immediately to advise the nature of the problem and to propose a revised ship date.

We expect our suppliers to resolve any quality issues that may arise, in a proactive sense, whenever possible. Continuous improvement is the only way Raydon and its Suppliers can achieve complete customer satisfaction. We expect our Suppliers to have a robust continuous improvement process in place, and to practice those principles at all times.

What do we expect from our suppliers?

We understand that our company’s success depends on our Supplier’s technology, quality and cost-competiveness, as well as our ability to meet aggressive schedules. Consequently, we measure the effectiveness of our Supplier base by assessing quality, capability, past performance, responsiveness, delivery and price.

In order to support our business units by reducing cost and risk, the Raydon Supply Chain Management team views appropriate supplier choices, continuous improvement and process/technology development as the backbone of a high-performing supply network. We recognize and value the capabilities, expertise and innovative technology that suppliers offer through their Research and Development efforts. Our desire is to develop long term business relationships with our suppliers for the mutual benefit of both parties.

What can suppliers expect from us?

Raydon Procurement Representatives adhere to Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct to ensure Suppliers are treated fairly and compliant to company policy and applicable laws and regulations. At a minimum, you can expect our employees to do the following:

  • Maximize opportunites to all business size classifications and diversities
  • Make the rules of the acquistion process transparent from the outset
  • Act with fairness in all circumstances
  • Refuse any gift, invitation or favors
  • Respect Supplier confidential information