The Largest Defense Force Training Library in the World

A core tenant that drives our Research and Development is the belief that “Content is King”. This means that the training provided is the most important part of a training system. We’ve built and leveraged a virtual training library that is unrivaled by anyone in the world. Our library consists of over 700 exercises providing over 10,000 finished minutes of virtual training across multiple weapon types, fire control systems, vehicle platforms, and mission essential tasks.

This content is built around US doctrinal standards and spans from collective missions to individual soldier training. Our product based development approach makes this content library available to every product that we sell. Building training content that is highly effective and engaging is a proficiency we’ve built over decades of installing virtual training infrastructures.

Our training content is also adaptive, meaning that our Training Management System (TMS) is smart. Our TMS gives you credit for skills built across Individual, Crew, and Collective training domains. You no longer will waste precious time re-training tasks that you show proficiency in.

Our Individual training content builds the critical individual skills such as weapon and vehicle operation needed for Crew proficiency.

Our Crew training content develops the critical crew coordination and communication needed for real world effective operations.

Our Collective training content scales from Platoon through Company level to create the most realistic virtual situations in the world.