The World Leader in Mounted Machine Gun Training

Raydon’s mounted machine gun training platforms are US Army approved simulation devices that enable units to train individual gunners, crews and platoons on mounted machine gun platforms in accordance with the current US Army gunnery standards of TC 3-20.31(Training and Qualification Crew, dated March 2015).

As with all Raydon products, our mounted machine gun platforms are engineered to scale to meet your current and future needs. Whether you need your training package in mobile configurations or in modular configurations relocatable with a 2-3 man lift, we have you covered.


MAX MK19 – Clipped

     MAX M240B – Clipped              

     M2 50 Cal MAX








The training foundation is set with scalable game technology software running curriculum to current doctrinal standards.


The highly flexible training platforms can be configured as modular home station assets or trailer based surge assets.


The training framework is built with the independently validated Raydon gunnery curriculum library ensuring rapid qualifications.