Modern warfighters are equipped with training capabilities that make them lethal in any situation, regardless of changing combat platforms, techniques, and missions. Preparing warfighters for the battles of the future, can’t be done with standard, off-the-shelf training solutions. Only an inter-operable, scalable, and multi-echelon training system can do that.

At Raydon, we believe the most effective training system is one that is developed for the unique needs of the warfighter. We collaborate with you to discover the optimal training solutions to empower you with information to make the right choices.

Focused on what is best for warfighters and taxpayers, Raydon designs infrastructures to optimize three critical areas:


We incorporate the latest human science innovations to improve skill development and retention by tailoring fidelity to the task and designing unbeatable training content.


Raydon will measure and maximize training and resource effectiveness, starting with Hours to Proficiency and Cost per Training Hour. Synchronize and deliver spoonfuls of effective training — measuring utilization rate, throughput requirements and kilowatt training hours.


Everything starts with the funding you have available now. But, it doesn’t end there. Raydon will help plan and justify your investment years into the future.

With our collaborative, informative approach we quickly become a trusted advisor. This means you get a customized, scalable training solution that maximizes the value of every training hour. The results are real — expert-level warfighters who are trained and ready for what comes next.