Matching capability development to available funds — this is the short-term goal of every training infrastructure.

In the long term, a properly designed training infrastructure is a strategic blueprint to develop required capabilities, with built-in flexibility to adapt to funding and mission changes.

Done right, soldiers are trained through a series of strategically designed courses to a level of readiness that makes them both lethal and prepared. Done right, funding is justified by a comprehensive infrastructure study prepared by the Market Leader.

What is the right infrastructure for you?

In order to understand what infrastructure is right for you, Raydon generates a data study and/or a knowledge experience to determine what infrastructure maximizes training while utilizing the right resources, and channeling strategies to meet your training needs. A properly designed training infrastructure with built-in flexibility to adapt to funding and mission changes is what we design for you.

Building your infrastructure

In building the infrastructure that’s right for you, several building blocks are utilized to effectively provide the infrastructure needed.

  • What equipment fidelity level is right for your training needs?
  • Are additional content scenarios or terrains needed?
  • Is there a requirement for mobile, institutional equipment or both to support training?
  • Do you need maintenance or training support?
  • Do you need equipment available for a specific event?

All these questions and more are answered and addressed when building your infrastructure.