July 14, 2017 / Raydon News

Raydon Announces VCOT Contract Award

July 20, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Raydon Announces VCOT Contract Award PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA – Raydon Corporation has been awarded...
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June 28, 2017 / Raydon News

Raydon’s CEO to Present Keynote Industry at 2017 I/ITSEC Conference in Orlando, FL

Raydon's very own Founder and CEO, Don Ariel, has been invited to provide the industry keynote at the 2017 I/ITSEC...
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March 30, 2017 / External Source

Forget The Terminator; Suicide & Data Drones Are Future, Says SCO’s Roper

AFA HQ: William Roper, the man who’s helping shape that future at the well-named Strategic Capabilities Office, told a packed room here that “stealth won’t last forever;” that adapting to the new version of war he’s helping the country ready for “is going to be harder for the Air Force than the other services;” that the Terminator model of war — with truly autonomous robots acting and reacting and killing — “is a future I just can’t see.”
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March 10, 2017 / Raydon News

Shoot Like A Soldier Event

Raydon showcased the same equipment that is used by our military at Bike Week 2017 in Daytona. Learn more.
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May 3, 2016 / Raydon News

Latest Raydon Patents

Raydon has formed an Intellectual Property (IP) Board that meets on a regular basis. IP is an intangible strategic asset and property right that can be protected under federal and state laws. It includes copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries and inventions and can consist of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
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