The UGT-I™ trains and sustains individual gunnery skills for employing the M2 .50 cal, MK-19, M240B and M249 SAW machine gun from the gunner’s position of selectable vehicles.
Raydon's MK-19 Individual Gunnery Trainer (UGT-I™) provides high-volume unstabilized gunnery training with multiple gunner viewpoints including binocular and fixed sight.
50 Cal
Raydon's 50 Cal Individual Gunnery Trainer (UGT-I™) provides unstable gunnery training that follows the training guidelines established in the HCBT Gunnery manual and Convoy Protection Platform Gunnery Manual.

Military Trainers

Military Trainers
Raydon has a variety of virtual trainers specific to your needs. From route clearance operations and convey operations to gunnery trainers from a variety of stations, you can customize your own training trailer for the operations your units are conducting. Read More...

Unstabilized Gunnery Trainer™ Family

Unstabilized Gunnery
Deployable system for training individual gunnery skills for employing the M2 .50 cal machine gun without requiring a trainer. Read More...

About Raydon

About Raydon
Raydon Corporation is a global leader in innovative simulation products and solutions. Raydon is the top provider of convoy trainers to the United States Armed Services. Read More...