Need Gunnery, Stryker or Tank training equipment?
Raydon has what you need to support your training mission.


Your team may be expected to be in the desert one week and the jungles the next. As fast as missions may change, technology is changing even faster. Like you, Raydon is built to be agile. We are regularly first-to-market with scoring and doctrine changes. Our tech solutions and support team are cutting edge. Our job is to stay on top of changing technology so you can focus on yours. By renting training on demand, you can be sure that you are using the latest technology.


There can be significant cost savings by paying for training only when you use it. Through analysis and multiple options, we can give you clear justification for the short-term infusion of training capabilities.
We have flexible payment options:
• Monthly rental
• By event billing
• Price per student training hour


Formal acquisition can take years; however, missions can change overnight. Raydon helps solve your training problems with rental alternatives designed for your specific needs. Whether you need to supplement your existing training capacity or add new capabilities, we’re here to help. You identify the training gap or opportunity, and we will work with you to deliver a complete training solution. Configuration. Delivery. Setup. Support. Pack up. Ship out. Virtually hands-free.

When lifecycle costs — like administration, upgrades, maintenance and obsolescence — are considered, the rent/buy decision can look completely different. This is why large organizations choose to lease photocopiers instead of purchasing them. The same math can be valuable for training systems.

Rental is a legitimate option for acquiring training capabilities, with many possible iterations and benefits. It does not replace asset purchases, but it is an effective way of delivering capabilities quickly, at a lower cost, and our experts are trained to help you decide which choice is most effective for your needs.

Technically Acceptable Lowest Cost remains the primary approach to making acquisition decisions. However, food for thought:

  1. Focus on acquiring training capabilities rather than assets.
  2. Expand the definition of Technically Acceptable to include a standard measure of effectiveness — and put the burden of proof on industry.
  3. Use Cost per Training Hour as part of the Lowest Cost assessment.
  4. Including rental as an option. It’s a good way of doing more for less.