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From individual gunnery to combined arms training. From Full Spectrum Ops to corporate training events. Raydon’s goal is to provide the training tools you need to prepare your team for any challenge they might be called upon to meet.
Our extensive content library provides training scenarios to support a variety of training objectives:

  • To surge training at large events.
  • To supplement training for unexpected challenges.
  • To move from proficient to lethal.
  • To demonstrate your commitment to developing teams.
  • To create an attractive experience that will draw in curious prospects and hold their attention.

Start by choosing a pre-configured training solution below — then call us with your ideas — we’re here to help you get where you need to go.


Micro Training Apps

Your military process. Our streamlined training curricula that suits the millennial generation. Soldiers learn the basics first, then progress to more difficult tasks.

Fire Commands
Essential for crew communication. Essential for battlefield effectiveness and efficiency. Essential for lethal platoons. Raydon teaches Fire Commands in a slick, quick way.

Thermal Weapon Sight
Using a thermal weapon is almost cheating. This is a critical tool in the arsenal. Our App teaches how to use it properly. Learn to master, and stay alive!

Sensing and Adjusting
Critical skills for every crew member. Crew coordination is essential for qualification. We teach the basics (qualification) and the advanced concepts (mastery).

Traverse and Elevation
Your weapon system can track and shoot nearby targets with ease. Mastering the use of the T&E to track and shoot long range targets defeats enemy threats in any environment.

Call for Fire
Every soldier, from Private to General, needs this drilled into their memory. Raydon’s Call for Fire App trains effectively to proficiency. Repetition makes it stick.

Individual Tasks

Basic Fidelity 0DOF Driver  
Driving a car is simple. Driving a military vehicle is much more complex. Learn the basics on an inexpensive simulation system before progressing to advanced concepts.

Advanced Fidelity 3DOF Driver 
Add motion cues to enhance more advanced concepts. Give the driver some sense of student feedback. Create decision points that have consequences. Our 3DOF Driver does just that.

Max Fidelity 6DOF Driver 
This maximum fidelity simulation system replicates real world scenarios. Teach students hard lessons without compromising their safety. Maximize driver effectiveness in this culminating task trainer.

Advanced Fidelity Commander
Commanders learn by experience. They can also learn faster with scenario diversity and scenario repetition. We do both. Advance your commander skillset today with a great personalized toolset.

M1 Tank Loader
The Loader has to react to a multitude of commands. Mistake free actions make great Loaders and crew members. We train Loaders to react quickly and make precise decisions according to standard.

Forward Observer
Every military member relies on the Forward Observer to be accurate and quick under pressure. Raydon’s App challenges the FO to achieve a high level of professional reliability.

Load and Clear
Weapons safety is for everyone. We use the crawl, walk, run method with this Part Task Trainer, then test the soldier against the clock to create a pressure situation. You can even do team competitions.

Individual Gunnery

Small Arms Gunnery
Can’t make it out to an instrumented small arms range? Soldiers need just a bit more instruction? Ask us about small arms gunnery training that is where you want it, when you need it.

Unstabilized Gunnery
Want a 95% first-time crew qualification? Raydon’s MMG pintle-mounted individual gunnery training develops skills to put steel on target. Maximize available crew training time by training gunners first.

RWS Gunnery
Operating a Remote Weapon Station takes specific fine motor skills and deep knowledge of your tactical device’s capabilities. Raydon’s high fidelity hardware and training matrix makes gunners lethal.

Bradley Gunnery
The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is sophisticated. The gunner position is critical to mission success. Our individual gunner trainer focuses on the gunner’s handle operation like a batting cage for an MLB hitter.

Tank Gunnery
Abrams tanks are the most advanced armored vehicle on the planet. The gunner is the focal point of this system. We teach skills for the most critical and fundamental tasks first.
Advance from there!

Equipment Operation

MMG Platform
Raydon’s trainer includes M2, M240B, and MK-19 curricula with both .31 and .46 doctrine standards for individual, crew, section and platoon. Time is at a premium; get your soldiers ready fast.

Stryker Platform
Raydon’s Stryker full-crew trainer is the best you will find. Multiple terrains. Gunnery and Maneuver combined in a single trainer. Full immersion into your training event. Say the word. We come to you!

Bradley Platform
Progressing from our Individual Gunnery Trainer, this full crew trainer exercises every Bradley weapon system and trains the entire crew to proficiency and beyond. Advanced training produces lethal crews.

Tank Support
M1A1 SA or M1A2 SEP. Choose your variant. We supply the critical hardware and software curriculum to produce crews that beat the competition. These trainers won the Sullivan Cup 3x in a row.

Fires Support
Artillery Fires are an important component to land warfare. We provide both artificial intelligence fires as well as human in-the-loop fires support training. We work with you to deliver what you need.

Opposing Forces controlled by AI or Humans play an important role in creating compelling training scenarios. Our qualified instructors can work directly with your SMEs to create YOUR mission set.

All training is better with After Action Review capability. Our AAR suite of tools uses Data and Analytics to break down trends and metrics in meaningful ways. Your SME will never have it easier.