For a weekend, a week, or longer — when an event’s success depends on you.

From individual gunnery to combined arms training, from Full Spectrum Ops to corporate training events, Raydon’s goal is to provide the training tools you need to prepare your team for any challenge they might be called upon to meet.

Recruiting Rentals

Cell phones go dark and all eyes are focused when it’s time to shoot a big weapon. Cool plays well with a young target audience. Partner with Raydon to showcase real training using realistic weapons and a virtual experience that will have them immediately return to the end of the line to do it again. There’s nothing you can say that is more powerful than word of mouth.

Drill Weekend

ARNG and Army Reserve do not need full training capacity during the week. Raydon can deliver as-needed training capabilities for high-throughput demands on drill weekends. The key to success is planning. We work with your SMEs to help you plan and resource your training requirements throughout the year. We also provide VCE qualified instructor/operators.

Route Clearance Training

Detect and eliminate IEDs with MRAP vehicles and Route Clearance capabilities to ensure missions proceed safely and effectively. Raydon trains individual Husky and Buffalo operation, with articulated arm operation and interoperability training, to include security vehicles.

Corporate Training

Teamwork is essential in the corporate world, just like the military. However, your corporate teams are made up of diverse backgrounds and experiences. By partnering with Raydon, we can help support an unforgettable event that melds your team into a cohesive unit.

Our instructors make your turn-key event a resounding success in as short as half-day sessions. Your corporate event deserves the best!

NTC Event

A CTC rotation is the ultimate test. Raydon works with your SMEs to design a combined arms virtual preparatory event to make sure your team is at its best at just the right time. Strengthen weak areas, and surge capacity to eliminate time, safety or space constraints. Give your commanders fantastic AAR capability.

Gunnery – Level 1

MMG, Stryker, Bradley or Tank, Raydon has the mobile training assets to prepare your unit for crew and platoon gunnery. Work with us to get this event on the horse blanket and we’ll help you make a powerful statement about what a serious team can do when given the right training tools.

Gunnery – Level 2

Only looking to qualify first time on Crew Gunnery? Raydon has proven results that doubled first time qualifications. Our curriculum has the latest doctrine as well as printout scorecards. We can respond quickly to your needs and offer options to suit your budget and time constraints.

National Guard AT

To master METL tasks in 39 sporadic days is a tough task. Those 15 straight days in the Summer are critical. No time can be wasted. No opportunity postponed.
Raydon knows you are driven to succeed. Our job is to help you do just that with point-of-need training options for 8-, 16-, or 24-hour operations. Raydon has your back.