Configure the Right On-Demand Training Solution for YOUR Mission

Raydon’s mobile, on-demand training fleet has been designed for flexibility. We can deliver exactly what you need for YOUR mission. We can deliver tailor-made training solutions in short cycle times. We have scalable training options that work within your schedule and within your budget. Raydon is ready.

Our training experts can modify the contents of each air-conditioned trailer to the ideal mix of capabilities. Flexibility means we can deliver a single trainer or a combination of interoperable systems. We can develop custom content, or serve as integrator for DIS-compliant 3rd-party products. Flex your creativity and challenge us to make the perfect training experience to meet your goals.



  • Individual/Crew/Platoon MMG (.50 CAL, M240B, MK19)
  • Individual/Crew/Platoon Stryker (.50 CAL, M240B, MK19
  • Individual/Crew/Platoon Tank (SA/Sep)
  • Individual/Crew/Platoon Bradley
  • Crew Helicopter Door Gunner (.50 CAL, Minigun)
  • Titles available in following scoring standards: HBCT, .31, .46,.140, and custom

Combined Arms

  • Military Decision Making Process
  • Execute Tactical Ops
  • Evaluate Situation/Operation
  • Coordinate AGI & CCA
  • Employ Lethal Fires
  • Synchronize Close Air Support
  • Provide Fire Support/Visual Information
  • Develop ISR Plan
  • Control ISR Operation
  • Conduct Defense/Screen
  • Movement to Contact
  • Conduct an Attack
  • Security/Area Security Operations


  • Troop-Leading Procedures
  • Command & Control
  • Tactical Maneuver
  • Conduct a Defense
  • Defend in Sector
  • Support/Attack by Fire
  • Movement to Contact
  • Conduct on Assault/Attack
  • Occupy an Area
  • Security/Area Security Operations
  • Call-for-Fire


  • Basic driver training
  • Advanced driving
  • Special driving tasks
  • A large selection of vehicles available

Irregular Warfare

  • Support Foreign Internal Defense
  • Combat Terrorism
  • Apply Antiterrorism Measures

Stability Ops

  • Establish Civil Security
  • Forcibly Separate Belligerents
  • Establish Protected Areas
  • Protect Stabilization Personnel

Protective Detail

  • Convoy Security
  • Security Operations
  • Area Security Operations
  • Roadblock & Checkpoint Ops
  • Presence Operations
  • Escort VIP

Civil Support Ops

  • Support Homeland Security Recovery Operations
  • Provide Humanitarian Relief
  • Support Civil Law Enforcement

Change In Mission

  • Change in Vehicle Assignment
  • Change in Weapon System/ Platform
  • Shift to Temporary MOS Activities
  • Transition of Primary Mission Focus