Thank you for your interest in a tour of the Raydon facility in Port Orange, Florida. By completing this questionnaire, we will review the information you provide and determine if we are able to meet your request.

Tour Guidelines

Plan Your Visit

After you have set up a Group reservation, check out this information to help you plan for your upcoming visit.

Visitor Clearance

Please provide Raydon with a list of all visitors on the tour at least 30 days prior to tour date. List must include:

  • FULL LEGAL NAMES and DOB of each individual included on your tour.
  • All visitors over the age of 16 must provide a completed ITAR/NDA form and a valid government issued ID.
  • All individuals that are not United States citizens must complete the ITAR/NDA form, state their country of citizenship, and are required to provide a valid legal passport.

Please dress in comfortable, properly fitted clothing. Tank tops, half shirts, profane, or ill fitted pants are not permitted. Close toed shoes are required for your safety.

Building Entrance

No phones, cameras, or non-medical electronics, backpacks, or picture taking of any kind is permitted inside the building.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour to encourage proper time management.

Tour Length

Allow no less than 2 hours for the Raydon tour.


If you are with a school, please ensure chaperones/teachers or other adults are prepared to accompany students/youth at all times.

Group Services

Raydon offers services to help make group (25+) visits enjoyable and memorable. Raydon Ambassadors are available throughout the tour to answer any additional questions you may have once you arrive. For answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs below.

If your group, is bringing bagged/boxed lunches that need to be stored, please advise us in advance.

We ask that each person taking of tour of Raydon read and sign a photo consent release form.

Directions and Parking

Parking is open and address is 1420 Hockney Court, Port Orange, FL 32128.


The following list has been compiled to assist with questions about your group (25+) visit to Raydon. If you have any additional questions please contact your  coordinator or email info@raydon.com.

Where should we park? Do you have parking for oversize vehicles (RVs, busses, etc.)?

Parking is available at Raydon in any of the spaces available.

May we take group photos?

Raydon prohibits use of photo and video cameras for personal use. We can take a group photo during the tour for you.

Is there a place to eat near Raydon?

Check out the list of locations near Raydon.