The Innovation of Bobsleigh Virtual Training(VR)

There are 32 countries with Bobsled teams. Currently, very few tools are available for coaches to evaluate their pilot’s performance. Many coaches are videotaping the television broadcasted video as their only tool to monitor performance. Our trainer will take them to the next level of technology, providing them a real time view of their track runs.

Our trainer has been tested by the Latvian Olympic Bobsled Team. The Latvian Bobsled Team has provided us with all the technical data for their competition track, Sigulda. With this information and the data provided us from their competition runs, we can create a proof of concept for a motion simulator. This simulator can be used not only for training, but for entertainment. The trainer technology has the potential to be used in other applications as well. For example, we are currently using similar technology for our Burst VR, sports product.

Raydon Barbsled VRT, is a training tool targeted at informing bobsled pilot coaches on the performance of their pilots. This training tool captures a 360-degree video of the pilot’s run down the competition track. With the use of a head mounted display, the coaches can review their pilot’s performance in real time. The pilots can also relive this experience, getting an in depth view of his/her performance. Another advantage of this trainer is that it can be used by inexperienced pilots to gain knowledge of a particular track. Included with this trainer is an accelerometer. By measuring the amount of static acceleration due to gravity, we can determine the angle the bobsled is tilted with respect to the track. By sensing the amount of dynamic acceleration, we can analyze the way the bobsled is moving. With this data, we can create a profile of the line the pilot drove down the track.