Becoming a Supplier with Raydon

At Raydon, we seek Suppliers who demonstrate exemplary integrity and possess core competencies that result in strategic differentiation in competitive pricing.  As critical to Raydon, are companies with vested knowledge in the continuous improvement process, and implementation of those techniques across the company.  We should be able to view those measurable results be reviewing a Supplier’s:

  • past performance ratings, quality procedures and processes;
  • cost and cycle time reduction programs;
  • lean manufacturing environments;
  • engineering relationships that proactively support design for manufacturability (DFM);
  • technological or service advantages,
  • internal and external audit processes and certifications,
  • safety history, and
  • innovations for delivery of goods or services.

Below is a representative listing of commodities and services typically purchased by Raydon:

  • Electrical Cable Assemblies and Harnesses
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly/Box Builds
  • Metal Fabrication: Sheet metal and Machined Part
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Distributed Hardware and Electronic Components
  • Custom Electronic Assemblies and Components
  • Simulated Weapons
  • Optical Devices and Assemblies
  • Audio Systems
  • Vehicle Hardware and Accessories
  • Software development Services
  • MRO Material and Services

If you feel your company meets Raydon’s requirements, please contact your Raydon Procurement Representative or e-mail with you qualifications and contact information.